Tanner Ellison

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Game Environment Artist



 High-poly modeling and digital sculpting

 Low-poly modeling, retopology

High to low asset pipeline

Texturing (normal, diffuse, specular, etc.),

     polypainting, hand painted texturing, UVs




Autodesk 3DS Max and Maya

Photoshop (primary package), Painter

Zbrush (primary package), Mudbox

dDo and nDo

Rail Clone, various plug-ins for 3DS Max

PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One Dev Kits


Work History


• Nov 2013 – Present | Freelance Game Artist

 o High-poly modeling and sculpting, low-poly modeling, transfer/baking, UV mapping, texturing, LODs, etc. for various    unannounced projects.

• May 2011 - Nov 2013  | Game Artist, Valkyrie Entertainment   

o Environment art, world-building, lighting, prop placement, level design, set dressing, material creation, asset optimization,  etc.

o High-poly modeling and sculpting, low-poly modeling, transfer/baking, UV mapping, texturing, LODs, etc. for characters, weapons, vehicles, props

o Conceptual design to help solve clients problems and key in visual targets

o Working in a small, diverse team to expeditiously address level and asset problems for many different games in a high output outsourcing environment

o Meet tough deadlines for “content complete” and alpha/beta/gold status

o Building objects, textures, shaders, and levels to function at a desirable actor count and FPS rate across multiple platforms        including PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Ipod and Ipad (utilizing dev-kits and custom tools)

o Rapidly switching engine, modeling, and sculpting packages to suit the needs of a wide array of clients

• Oct 2009- Present | Radio Host, KEXP 90.3FM Seattle    

      o Co-creator and host of popular radio show, Seek and Destroy

      o Original content and programming

      o Helping build culture and community in the Northwest area through musical exploration and exposure

      o Management of DJ assistants and station resources




• BFA – Game Art and Design , Art Institute of Seattle | 2008- 2011 

      o Specializing in high-poly to low-poly modeling, digital sculpting and level design

      o Additional studies in life drawing, traditional art techniques, and anatomy




Forza 5 | Turn 10 Studios (Xbox One) | Environment art, hero assets, world building inside authoring tools and new proprietary engine, terrain, physically based materials creation, all playable area construction and development, prop placement, modeling, texturing, complex UV set creation, prop conceptualization, optimization, Team Lead, interpretation of point cloud data, asset/level management and source control,  many additional responsibilities

Batman: Arkham Origins | Warner Brothers Montreal (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) | Environment props, vehicles, lighting, set dressing/ prop placement, level and asset optimization, textures, Unreal Engine 3 work, PS3 and Xbox 360 dev kit work, asset/level management and source control

Imperium: Galactic War | Kabam Studios (PC) | Rendering, compositing, texturing, design and development of rendering, texturing and materials pipeline with documentation, animation with documentation, lighting and FX with documentation

Lost Planet 3 | Spark Unlimited (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) | Multiplayer level art, lighting, world building, optimization for target performance across platforms, props, textures, prop and FX placement, terrain and floors, conceptual design, Unreal Engine work, PS3 and Xbox 360 dev kit work, asset/level management and source control

Ascend: Hand Of Kul | Signal Studios (Xbox 360) | 3D weapon concept art, developed visual targets for class based weapon system

Murdered: Soul Suspect | Airtight Games (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) Interior environment prop creation

Star Wars Kinect | LucasArts (Xbox 360) | Cinematic characters, environment props, vehicle art, set dressing/ prop placement, world building, level and asset optimization, textures, terrain, asset/level management and source control

Sorcery | Sony, Workshop (PS3) | Environment props, set dressing, prop and FX placement, level and asset optimization, textures, lighting, materials, Unreal Engine work, PS3 dev kit work, asset/level management and source control

League Of Legends | Riot Games (PC) | Player characters, hero set pieces, and environment props

Cowboys and Aliens | Freeplay, C&A Labs (Ipad/Iphone) | Characters, weapons, props, environments, animations, rigging, rendering

Additional Unannounced Titles | General prop and environment creation, animation, rigging




Concept art and design

Level design and environment art

Lighting and effects

Prop placement and set dressing

 Game design and documentation

xNormal, Handplane

3D Coat, Topogun

Perforce, MS Visual Studio Source Control, Tortoise SVN

Unreal Engine, UDK, Unity, CryEngine, Fuel Engine

Crazy Bump, Knald, Texture Packer

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